A Letter From Our President

Starting Alter Ego Marketing Group has helped me realize that I'm an entrepreneur. I know this because the road to success has not been a straight line. At AEMG, we work with all sorts of people and businesses from all backgrounds and industries. But, all the projects we work on have one thing in common: entrepreneurs. These are the people that I want to work with, that AEMG wants to work with. At AEMG, we have the deep urge to create powerful messages that resonate with and impact people at their deepest essence. Every day, we strive to better understand people, their instincts, what motivates them, – or doesn't.

What does this mean for our clients?

The short answer is profit. Real growth. After working with AEMG, clients have more business, better customers, and a brand they are proud of. We empower our clients. We are able to deliver on our promises because our team is keen to work on projects that inspire them, and from this, our clients directly benefit. By hiring and retaining talented people that have the entrepreneurial spirit burning inside, while providing them with the freedom to learn, and the mentorship to succeed, our clients have the support they need to reach their dreams, while we’re living ours.

Contact me directly. Let's get started.


Who are we?

At Alter-Ego Marketing Group, we like to keep things simple.

  • We listen to you
  • We do what we say we’re going to do
  • We blow you away with the results

There are literally thousands of marketing groups available to you, online and around the world. We know you could choose any team you want, so we do everything we can to ensure you never regret your decision to choose us. Our business is built on referrals and word of mouth, and we're pretty happy to continue impressing our customers.

We're located in Victoria, BC, Canada, and we provide exceptional service to our local clients, and even the ones that aren't that local. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals, standing by to share their unique insight and give your project the difference it deserves. When you’re ready to make a dent on the internet and reach your ideal customers, give us a call. We can help.


Project Manager

This slick business professional comes equipped with the skills and expertise needed to help get your brand off the ground. This guy sees the bigger picture and takes good care of his clients by problem-solving, acting as a mediator, brainstorming, solving communication issues, and making sure everything runs silky smooth.


Web Developer

Building a high-functioning website is just one objective of this caffeine-fuelled genius. The Developer'zs real raison d'être is to take your ideas, apply careful planning, and ultimately transform them into a reality. The coder will work with you to make sure you’re getting the quality platform your business deserves.



This solitary crafter is irked by bad spelling, grammar, and the deterioration of our written language via the text message. An expert at making sure your customers know how amazing your product is, the writer will utilize the right voice and focus at the right time to ensure that you sound as good as you look.


IT Specialist

While he may seem nerdy and introverted, this guy is task-oriented and always on the go. And with good reason. Whether setting up accounts, keeping things running behind the scenes, or ensuring that your business can communicate directly with end users at all times, this guy gets it done.


Graphic Designer

This trendy typography enthusiast has an eye for detail, a big black sketch book and a handle on perfection. Our designer utilizes her creativity and visual arts knowledge to bring brands to life with eye-catching, compelling websites, logos, and much more.


We do many things for our clients, but the most important is – we listen. We enjoy sitting down with you and learning about your business. Our goal is to discover what you’re passionate about and uncovering the secret ingredient that makes your customers choose you. Our team listens to what you're saying, and then we create an experience you can share with your audience.

Some of the talents we've been able to share with our customers:

  • Website Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Online Advertising
  • Branding